Shore fishing at the lake has really picked up

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

by Reno Fly Shop

Shore fishing at the lake has really picked up. Most days stripping flies has been the most productive but the indicator bite has been on and balanced leeches and baitfish under the indicator can put fish in the net.

The surface water temp should continue to drop with the changing season. This should disperse the baitfish near surface and push them deeper. It is possible to find good sized groups of LCT moving through a beach or point and the fishing will go nuts. As quickly as it goes crazy it will dry up and we are left wondering what just happened. Be ready, be in the water and take advantage of the chances you get. Stripping fly selection hasn’t changed much. We are mostly using Tui Chub or Perch Fry stripped fast also we have had success with Pyramid Lake Beetles, Booby, and Pyramid Lake Bugger. In low light conditions, try darker colors in either purple or black. As the sun comes out, switch over to brighter offerings in the white, chartreuse, or tan offering.

When you do go out with the indicator Balanced Leech and our new balanced baitfish the Jiggy Fat Minnow have been productive. The holo midge bite hasn’t been consistent but anglers committed to it will find a few fish. 

Flies We Suggest: Tui Chub, Perch Fry, Pyramid Lake Beetle, Booby, Pyramid Lake Bugger, Balanced Leech, Jiggy Fat Minnow, Holographic Midge

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