39.1 King Salmon caught on the American River

American River - Sacramento, CA (El Dorado County)

by Ryne Intlekofer
(775) 624-7778

This past week, Kevin Brock was mostly fishing the Feather River with good success, but with the water flows dropping to about 2,200 CFS, the American River looked like a better choice.

Today was the first day of fishing the American River, and our second fish brought to the boat was an astonishing 39.10lb king salmon.

That made Wendy's day as she laid back and basked in the sun soaking up the thrill of landing that prize fish!

The other three family members were not far behind in catching their limits, making a total of 8 fish landed out of 13 hookups. Some of the fish were dark, but there were some lighter fish which means more fresh salmon are coming up the river.

While many boats were out today, the fishing was very good on Kevin's boat. We are only fishing the American River for a short time, but have both morning or afternoon launch trips available.

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