Truckee River fishing has been up & down -- like you've never heard that before

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

Not a whole lot has changed since the last report on the Truckee River. We've had a few good days of rain this week, but the river has settled down to it's below normal spring time flows. Clarity is not an issue unless you travel East of Reno. 250 cubes below Truckee, 700 cubes in the Hirsh, a little higher through the canyons, and about that way through Reno. Though the river has crested it is still high for the majority of anglers through the Hirsch and on down. Wading and crossing can be a challenge, be careful. The Glenshire, and Schoolyard area are good and wadeable if you want normal flow type of water. Like always trout are a bit closer to you in higher flows. Fish close first. I like busting out the dry dropper rig, or streamer rig, then nymph up on the deeper slots. Attractor flies are great this time of year. Princes, copper johns, etc. Big drys work too. It looks like it will warm this weekend into next, so we should see more bugs. Green drakes, pmds, and caddis are not that far off. Yours truly with a nice butta belly from yesterday.

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