Truckee River Fish Report

Truckee River

by Reno Fly Fishing Outfitters

Recent storms and rain have sent the river into pretty much flood stages as of Monday February 9th. Parts of the river are over 2000 CFS. We will take it! This will help the water situation for sure. It will also give the river a much needed flush and help move out some silt etc. It could be a few days before the river comes down to fishable levels again. Keep an eye on the flows before venturing out. Once the flows come back down the fishing should be pretty good. Warmer weather is expected and there was somewhat of a Baetis hatch east of town prior to the rain. We will keep an updated report as the flows start to come back down. Flows as of 2-9-15 are: Town of Truckee 403 CFS, Boca Bridge 982 CFS, Farad 1210 CFS, Reno 1540 CFS and Vista 2050 CFS.

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The weekend started off with some really high winds that put out the wind gauges at the lake for a day or two. This was on the front end of a pretty good storm system that put down inches of rain in the area into Monday. This should really help the lake in the long run. The fishing has been about average for this time of year. The stormy weather helped the middle of the day bite for sure. It...... Read More