Sparse action at Topaz

Topaz Lake - Gardnerville, NV

by Nor Cal Fish Reports

Trout bite continues to be slow. Largest fish of the week were a pair of three pounders. Most are fishing from the bank at the southwest shore or the north shore. Best action is at the north shore. Topaz Landing (775) 266-3550, Topaz Lodge (775) 266-3338

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Nor Cal Fish Reports Reports
for Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

Lake Almanor: Almanor pressure, bite both light
Lake Amador: Amador clearing, stocked
Anderson Reservoir: Bite fair for Anderson bass
Lake Berryessa: Bass, salmon on tap at Berryessa
Stampede Reservoir: Long walks, muddy banks at Stampede
Truckee River: Truckee solid Sierra choice
Bullards Bar Reservoir: Pending world record spot at Bullards Bar
Calero Lake: Calero bass picking up
Lake Camanche: Big trout on tap at Camanche
Lake Chabot: Chabot trout bite ebbs
Chesbro Reservoir: Slow go at Chesbro
Clear Lake: Clear Lake bass bite cools
Collins Lake: Collins Lake trout bite on
: Trout biting at Contra Loma
Coyote Lake: On-off bass bite at Coyote
Lake Davis: Davis trout bite mixed
Del Valle Lake: Trout, bass at Del Valle
Don Pedro Reservoir: Don Pedro bass getting bigger
Lafayette Reservoir: Lafayette murky, slow
Lopez Lake : Lopez bass bite better
Los Vaqueros Reservoir: 15 pound trout landed at LV
Lake McSwain: Trout scarce at McSwain
New Melones Reservoir: Trout, big bass at New Melones
Lake Oroville: Good numbers, small size at Oroville
Pardee Reservoir: Bankies get trout at Pardee
Pyramid Lake: 23 pounder landed at Pyramid
Quarry Lakes: Quarry Lakes kayakers score trout
San Luis Reservoir: Stripers in deep water at San Luis
San Pablo Reservoir: Great trout bite at San Pablo
Santa Margarita Lake: Santa Margarita bass, redear waiting for anglers
Shasta Lake: Shasta bass bite marches on
Shaver Lake: Shaver trout bite up and down
Lake Sonoma: Lake Sonoma still dirty

Nor Cal Fish Reports Reports
for Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Lake Almanor: Almanor not ready yet
Lake Amador: Amador bass bite improving
Anderson Reservoir: Water clearing at Anderson
Lake Berryessa: Berryessa bass bite on fire
Boca Reservoir: Boca trout near the inlet
Bullards Bar Reservoir: Bullards Bar bass biting
Calero Lake: Calero bass bite tepid
Lake Camanche: Trout, crappie active at Camanche
Caples Lake: Caples nearly ice-free
Lake Chabot: Chabot produces 17 pound trout
Clear Lake: Clear Lake bass moving up
Collins Lake: Double plant at Collins ignites bite
Collins Lake: Double plant at Collins ignites bite
Coyote Lake: Coyote open to weekend boating
Lake Davis: Trout bite so-so at Davis
Del Valle Lake: Trout, bass at Del Valle
Donner Lake: Donner mack bite decent
Don Pedro Reservoir: Don Pedro conditions improving
Jackson Meadows Reservoir: Road open to Jackson Meadow
Lafayette Reservoir: Bite better at Lafayette
Loch Lomond: Loch Lomond to remain closed
Lopez Lake : Panfish, bass active at Lopez
Los Vaqueros Reservoir: Big trout on tap at Los Vaqueros
Lake McSwain: Shore anglers rewarded at McSwain
Lake Mendocino: Mendocino bass in shallows
Bon Tempe Reservoir: Bon Tempe planted with trout
Lake Lagunitas: 500 pounds of trout put in Lagunitas
New Melones Reservoir: Good trout, bass prospects at New Melones
Lake Oroville: Oroville bassing improving
Pardee Reservoir: Shore anglers get best of Pardee opener
Pyramid Lake: 20 pounder wins Pyramid Derby
Quarry Lakes: 13 pounder highlights Quarry Lake action
San Luis Reservoir: Go deep for San Luis stripers
San Pablo Reservoir: Trout bite fair at San Pablo
Santa Margarita Lake: Quality bass at Santa Margarita
Shadow Cliffs Reservoir: Double plant taking hold at Shadow Cliffs
Shasta Lake: Bass bite is on at Shasta
Shaver Lake: A.M. trout bite on at Shaver
Lake Sonoma: Sonoma still dirty
Stampede Reservoir: Stampede shore angling worthwhile
Lake Tahoe: Tahoe mack, browns on tap
American River: Grim steelhead prospects on American
Eel River: S. Fork Eel ready to go
Feather River: Feather steelhead scattered
Gualala River: Gualala steelhead not shy
Napa River: Napa River sturgeon on the feed
Mad River: Mad is shape by weekend
Russian River: Russian River baitfishable by weekend
Sacramento River - Upper: Upper Sac needs more time
Sacramento River: Visibility greatly improved below Redding
Sacramento River: Sturgeon scattered from Colusa down
Sacramento River: Sturgeon in Princeton, edging towrd Chico
Smith River: Fresh steelhead in Smith
Trinity River: Still some life in Trinity
Truckee River: Mid-day trouting solid on Truckee
Sacramento Delta: Antioch sturgeon bite solid
Sacramento Delta: Sturgeon armada at Mothball Fleet
Discovery Bay: Reaction bite in Disco Bay
Sacramento Delta: Frank's Tract bass coming alive
Sacramento Delta: Sturgeon, striper around Pittsburg
Sacramento Delta: Sturgeon anglers busy in Cache Slough
Sacramento Delta: Stockton prospects on slow side
Sacramento Delta: Tracy bass worth pursuing
: Perch, striper, halibut along bay shoreline
: Herring harvested in Crescent City
: San Pablo striper bite red hot
: Suisun sturgeon plentiful