Shore anglers score big at Pyramid

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

by Nor Cal Fish Reports

Fishing has been fair. Shore fishing has been good at Wino, North Nets and Pelican. Trolling is equally good in the north and south. Fish of the week was a 20.64 pound cutt landed by Bill Korte from the shore at Wino. Diego Gamboa caught a 16.3 pounder from shore at the North Nets. Crosby's Lodge (775) 476-0400

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Nor Cal Fish Reports Reports
for Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

Lake Almanor: slow go at Almanor
Lake Amador: Big bass hitting at Amador
Anderson Reservoir: Quality bassing continues at Anderson
: Berryessa bass slows
Bullards Bar Reservoir: Bass moving deeper at Bullards Bar
Calero Lake: Calero bass biting
Lake Camanche: Trout, bass, cats at Camanche
Lake Chabot: Chabot bass bite begins
Clear Lake: Bass, cats and crappie at Clear Lake
Collins Lake: Collins kicking out trophies
Coyote Lake: CoyoTE bass bite just fair
Lake Davis: Honker Bay ramp installed at Davis
Del Valle Lake: Trout bite contintues at Del Valle
Donner Lake: Donner get trout plant
Don Pedro Reservoir: Great minnow bite at Don Pedro
Lafayette Reservoir: Cloudy water at Lafayette
Lopez Lake : Hit Lopez for bass, panfish
Los Vaqueros Reservoir: Wind spoils LV trout bite
Lake Mendocino: Mendo crappie bite hot
Bon Tempe Reservoir: Trout stocked at Bon Tempe
New Melones Reservoir: Kokanee bite around the corner at New Melones
Lake Oroville: Plastics get bass at Oroville
Pardee Reservoir: Bite improves at Pardee

Nor Cal Fish Reports Reports
for Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

: Almanor trout bite coming on
Lake Amador: Amador bass bite starting
Anderson Reservoir: Anderson bass plentiful
Lake Berryessa: Berryessa bass bite strong
Bullards Bar Reservoir: Bullards Bar warming
Calero Lake: Quality bass at Calero
Lake Camanche: Choices available at Camanche
Caples Lake: Browns crusing Caples
Lake Chabot: Chabot trout bite slows
Chesbro Reservoir: Wait continues at Chesbro
Clear Lake: Top water bite starting at Clear Lake
Collins Lake: Collins Lake stuffed with trout
Contra Loma Reservoir: Contra Loma trout biting
Coyote Lake: Hit Coyotoe for crappie
Lake Davis: Davis yet to kick in
Del Valle Lake: Del Valle producing big trout
Don Pedro Reservoir: Live minnows bring action at Don Pedro
Lafayette Reservoir: Trollers score at Lafayette
Lexington Reservoir: So-So bite at Lexington
Lewiston Lake: Little going on at Lewiston
Lopez Lake : Hit Lopez for crappie, cats
Los Vaqueros Reservoir: Shore anglers get trout at LV
Lake McSwain: Slow go at McSwain
New Melones Reservoir: Bass solid at New Melones
Lake Oroville: Great bass bite at Oroville
Pardee Reservoir: Slow bite again at Pardee
Pyramid Lake: Cutts starting to spawn at Pyramid
Quarry Lakes: Trout elusive at Quarry Lake
San Luis Reservoir: Trollers get striper at San Luis
San Pablo Reservoir: Trout bite solid at San Pablo
Santa Margarita Lake: Crappie bite picks up at Santa Margarita
Shadow Cliffs Reservoir: Shadow Cliffs well stocked
Shasta Lake: Bass spawn on at Shasta
Lake Sonoma: Sonoma bass in the shallows
Lake Tahoe: Time is now for Tahoe browns
Topaz Lake: Lake up, trout down at Topaz
Trinity Lake: Hot bass bite at Trinity
Tulloch Reservoir : Brown, purple get bass at Tulloch
Uvas Reservoir: Uvas shoreline holding bass
Feather River: Feather too low for striper action
Napa River: Striper, sturgeon viable in Napa
Pit River: Pit #3 producing trout
Sacramento River - Upper: Good reports from Upper Sac
Sacramento River - Lower: Lower Sac trout worthwhile
Sacramento River: Stripers tricking in toward Colusa
Sacramento River: Striper surging toward Princeton
Sacramento Delta: Antioch stripers on upswing
Sacramento Delta: Benica anglers strike big at Mothball
Discovery Bay: Stripers edging into Disco Bay
Sacramento Delta: Bass, striper on fire in Franks Tract
Sacramento Delta: Freeport stripers biting
Sacramento Delta: Chain Island sturgeon on the prowl
Sacramento Delta: Improving striper prospects at RIo Vista
Sacramento Delta: Stockton striper in Middle River
Sacramento Delta: Big largemouth in Tracy
: Perch, striper on Bay shoreline
: Sand crabs get Pacifica perch
: Oyster, Coyote points hold striper, halibut
: San Pablo striper bite continues