Carson forks get trout gift

Carson River - Carson City, NV

by Nor Cal Fish Reports

Alpine County Fish & Game will plant 1,800 pounds of trout in the East Carson, West Carson and Markleeville Creek. East Carson has been getting dirty during thunderstorms but it’s fishable. West Carson is very clear and not too low for angling. Creekside Lodge (530) 694-2511

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Nor Cal Fish Reports Reports
for Thursday, May 21st, 2015

American River: Flows bumped in American
Deer Creek: Poor conditions on Deer Creek

Nor Cal Fish Reports Reports
for Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Los Vaqueros Reservoir: Big trout, small striper at LV
Lake Amador: Amador gets one more trout plant
Anderson Reservoir: Anderson bass, crappie on bite
Bass Lake: Better trout bite at Bass Lake
Lake Berryessa: Berryessa bass back off
Boca Reservoir: Boca shoreline fair
Bridgeport Lake: Good trout at Bridgeport
Calero Lake: Crappie, bass at Calero
Caples Lake: Caples campgrounds open
Lake Chabot: Water clearing at Chabot
Chesbro Reservoir: Crappie meh at Chesbro
Clear Lake: Big cats, bed bass at Clear Lake
Collins Lake: Collins Lake kicking out trophies
Contra Loma Reservoir: Contra Loma trout wake up
Convict Lake: Spotty bite at Convict
Coyote Lake: Bass biting at Coyote
Crowley Lake: Crowley slows a bit
Lake Davis: Anglers begging at Davis
Del Valle Lake: Catfish starting to prowl at Del Valle
Donner Lake: Fair action at Donner
Frenchman Lake: Frenchman trout say oui
Indian Creek Reservoir: Indian Creek shore prospects bright
Jackson Meadows Reservoir: Jackson Meadow worth a try
June Lake: Small trout, slow bite at June
Gull Lake: Gull action sporadic
Silver Lake: Lack of planters hurting Silver Lake
Kirman Lake: No good news from Kirman
Lafayette Reservoir: Lafayette trout, bass active
Lexington Reservoir: Lexington bass hit-or-miss
Lopez Lake : Lopez gets a trout plant
Mammoth Lakes : Big fish planted in Lakes Basin
Lake Mendocino: Mendo bass bite slows
Lake Oroville: Oroville bass bite slows
Pardee Reservoir: Pardee koke bite sporadic
Prosser Reservoir: Some smallies at Prosser puddle
Quarry Lakes: Water clearing, trout planted at Quarry Lakes
San Luis Reservoir: Stripers lurking deep at San Luis
San Pablo Reservoir: San Pablo bite just OK
Santa Margarita Lake: Live bait the key at Santa Margarita
Shadow Cliffs Reservoir: Shadow Cliffs trout ready and waiting
Shasta Lake: Shasta bass splashing surface
Shaver Lake: Fishing better than weather at Shaver
Siskiyou Lake: Siskiyou trout, smallies netted
Stampede Reservoir: Launching harder than fishing at Stampede
Lake Tahoe: Shallows productive at Tahoe
Topaz Lake: Little news at Topaz
Trinity Lake: Evening bass bite at Trinity
Uvas Reservoir: Uvas crappie good, catfish fair
Virginia Lakes: Quality angling at Virginias