Squaw Creek Reservoir Fishing Report

Squaw Creek Reservoir - Gerlach, NV (Washoe County)

by RB Bass

Squaw Creek Reservoir, located at the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant between Glen Rose and Granbury, Texas is a clear and deep reservoir. The reservoir serves as the cooling source for two nuclear power units, and due to the warm water generated by the power plant, it is a very popular destination for cold weather fishing.

The lake’s surface area is approximately 3,200 acres, with an average depth of approximately 46 feet. The park’s standard hours of operation are 7 am – 4 pm Thursday through Sunday for bank fishing, and Friday through Sunday on a limited basis for boat fishing.

Due to the limited number of boats allowed per day, reservations are required. Reservations are not required for bank fishing. Squaw Creek Park charges a maintenance and development fee of $30 per boat upon entrance. The admission fee for bank fishing is $5 per person. Admission for bank fishing is free to those ages 16 and under and 80 and over.

During my recent trip to Squaw Creek Reservoir, I found success fishing main lake points in the morning around rocks and laydowns in about 8 – 12 feet of water, with water temps between 73 – 79 degrees.

Later in the day, I moved closer to the standing timber and began pitching and casting soft plastics around trees, stickups and laydowns in about 6 – 8 feet of water, with water temps between 79 – 81 degrees. Because of the clear water, I went with a lighter line and weight than I would normally use for heavy cover fishing. My bait of choice for this was the Strike King Zero in New Money color, on 14lb. test fluorocarbon line with a 1/8 oz. tungsten weight. The main lake area is dominated by rocky shorelines with fair amounts of standing timber and laydowns. Other than limited amounts of shoreline vegetation such as cattails, there is currently no aquatic vegetation in the reservoir.

Largemouth bass fishing is best during the spring, fall and winter months, when water temps range from the mid 60’s to the mid – high 70’s. At this time of year, bass are caught along shorelines and in coves on spinnerbaits, topwater baits, suspending jerkbaits, crankbaits and soft plastic worms.

I finished the day catching between 20 – 30 bass, with weights between 2 – 4 lbs. In conclusion…Squaw Creek Reservoir is fishing GREAT! During a recent open tournament, it took 22 lbs. to win…in November! Right now, Squaw Creek Reservoir is the perfect place to take someone who doesn’t fish a lot or is new to bass fishing. They definitely will not be bored! So do before it gets too cold…make a reservation, go catch yourself a bunch of bass and have a ball doing it! Until next time…be safe and tight lines!

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