Typical Winter Fishing

Truckee River

by Reno Fly Shop

Mild weather has let us get out and enjoy typical winter fly fishing conditions on the Truckee.  We often get very mild, if not warmish, days in between storms here in Northern Nevada and this week was just that.

We found fish in both California and Nevada.  Streamer fishing and nymphing (both high sticking and indicator) fishing is the way to go right now.

Focus on the slower water and tailouts if streamer fishing. And fringes and seams when nymphing.

Stormy weather is predicted this weekend so check the flow links on our homepage or call the shop and we can give you an update 775-323-3474.

Flies to use: Gonga #2 Olive, Flashtail Bugger #8 Black and Olive, The One, Weir’s Sculpin, BH Pheasant Tail #12, Assassin #14

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