Southern Beaches HOT!

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

by Reno Fly Shop

The fishing can be described as really good one day and difficult the next. And when we mean good it is REALLY good. Multiple fish/angler/day and usually at least one or two over 10 pounds. We have heard of quite a few large (15+ pound) fish being caught daily from several different beaches.

Seems that the fish being caught all over the lake with a concentration being toward the southern beaches. Not to leave out the northern spots but numbers seem to be down south.

The indicator and no-cator bite has been surprisingly good for this time of year and the top producer has been the Balanced Leech. We have a great local source so inventory hasn’t been a problem and we have quite a few different colors in stock.
The folks retrieving their flies have also had some great days. Contrasting colors in a two fly rig seems to get the most attention by the big fish.

Flies: Holo Wing Midnight and Olive, Tui Chub Olive, The One, Balanced Leech Peacock, White and Midnight, Spark Plug, Popcorn Beetle, Boobie Chartreuse, Black and Purple