Crosby Lodge Update

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

by Crosby Lodge

Valerie Taylor from Crosby Lodge in Sutcliffe, NV checked in yesterday from Pyramid Lake. It appears that the constant weather has not affected the fishing. Valerie sent us three photos of impressive fish. The details are listed below:

1/26/16 - Steve Burgess of Meadow Vista Calif - 14 lbs 5.2oz 32in - fishing at Warrior Point by boat using a Speedy Shiner Lure.

1/27/16 - Ray Frye of Sparks, NV - 11 lbs 12oz 30.5in - shore fishing at the North Nets using a Leach

Catch & Release:

1/21/16 - Rich Polan of Susanville, Calif - 12 lbs 0oz 31in - shore fishing at the North Nets using a black jig

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