Lake Mead Fishing Report

Lake Mead - Boulder City, NV

by Arizona Game & Fish Department

The current elevation has dropped less than 2 inches from last report to approximately 1071.91 feet above msl. The National Park Service has been working to improve conditions at South Cove launch ramp, but 4x4 vehicles are recommended for launching/retrieving boats. Be sure to check out launch ramp area prior to launching. Be careful boating because of low water level, many new islands and near surface rocks have appeared.

The largemouth bass bite is steady with the occasional toad in the catch. Recent bass tournaments have produced some nice bag limits. Nightcrawlers were the bait for the channel catfish. The striper bite is steady on Lake Mead. Fishing the boils with top water baits is probably your best type of lure. Cut anchovies are still the bait of choice for stripers when anchored at night. Check the moon phases before you go –the last new moon was July 4. The next new moon will be Aug. 2.

Dark nights work best when fishing under light. Fishing for stripers in 40 plus feet of water will normally find the larger fish. If they are not taking the anchovies try lures and see if you can get them to bite. If you can locate the shad, the stripers are not far behind. Trolling usually works best in areas where shad are found and best done in the early mornings and evenings.

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