Kayak kokanee fishing at Whiskeytown

Whiskeytown Reservoir - Whiskeytown, CA (Shasta County)

Kokanee Salmon
Photo Credit: Mike Mogler

by Mike Mogler

Article and photos by Michael Mogler
08/31/16 -- Kayak fishing today at Whiskeytown targeting kokanee and launching at Whiskey Creek at 7:00AM and I soon had a fish on. I was trolling a Davis Diver set for 65 ft., a dodger and a hand tied small Hoochie with a blade for extra visibility for deeper water. It wasn’t long before I had a fish on which to my amazement turned out to be a spot. I release the spot and continued to troll towards the Hwy. 299 Bridge which crosses the Whiskey Creek Arm.

Not long after the releasing of the spotted bass I had several takes but no hook-ups. Just before the bridge I had a fish-on and landed a 15 inch buck koke. At this time of the year the bucks jaw will began changing signaling the spawning time is nearing.

Soon after three other kokes were netted and in my cooler containing ice located behind my seat. I believe in icing my fish ASAP to help maintain the quality of the fish.

I continued to troll for another 45 minuets with no results and with the air temperature rising it was time to head back to the launch point and call it a day.

Well, I didn’t have my limit of 5 fish but had a great day OTW. Sometimes just being on a kayak is reward enough.

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