Oh My!

Truckee River

Check out this healthy Truckee River Brown Trout.
Photo Credit: Matt Koles

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

Big water still. Flows should probably get more manageable, 2’nd week of July on the Truckee River. For now, clarity is good, fish have adapted to the high flows and they are fat and healthy. Soon the real lower stuff will open up and it will be lights out. Like Floriston on down through Nevada. Lots of those fish haven’t seen a fly since last year.

For now Hirschdale and above is probably the best bet. Lots of bugs out. If the water was lower we’d have some good dry fly fishing. But that ain’t happening at the flows. Streamers yes, nymphs yes. My favorite bug is popping at about 10 am- the pmd. Big fat pink sz #14’s. Always great to see those summer bugs. Probably be real good on the LT in 3 weeks, pmd wise, but on the T, well, mostly a subsurface game.

The dry fly fishing this summer will most likely go off on the LT-soon.

So 2,800 k here in the Hirsch. Big pumping flows. Big fish, and not a whole lot dudes yet on the river. Thinking everyone is scared when they drive up and check the river out. Fish the soft spots and break the river down into a small one. She will come down soon.

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