Topaz Lake Fish Report

Topaz Lake - Gardnerville, NV

by Doug Busey

I ventured up last Saturday evening with Tom Blotter from Minden NV. We started trolling at 6:30 pm, got our first hookup at 6:30 and 45 seconds. Fishing turned off with in the hour and a half. Next morning we started at 5:30 am. I caught 2 and Tom caught 7, we were fishing on the south end of the lake. and by the noon hour the heat was to much and the fishing had turned off at 10 am anyway. All fish were in the 16 to 18 inch class.

Good luck on your next fishing adventure. If you have a question. a report in our local fishing area or have a photo of your catch, send it to [email protected]. Hope to see you on the waters. Good fishin' and tight lines.

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