Prosser Reservoir Fish Report

Prosser Reservoir - Truckee, CA (Nevada County)

by Mountain Hardware & Sports
(530) 587–4844

Lake has come down to 71% capacity and continues to drop. Prosser was stocked weeks ago and fishermen are catching rainbows in the 12-14-inch size mostly in the prosser creek arm of the lake. Since this lake hasn’t seen many stockings of fish over the past few years fishing may be slow until the dfw starts to plant it consistently this summer. There was a stocking of cutthroat in the fall of 2016 that were destined for webber lake and there have been reports of anglers catching these fish ranging from 14-20+ inches but they are few and far between with this put and take lake. Smallmouth bass have made a reappearance around the dam which can be fun for newbies and veteran anglers alike! The more pressure this lake receives the more difficult smallmouth will be to catch. They are like carp and are very sensitive to angling pressure! One must change up their strategies on these fish if they are going to be successful. The plan is to start stocking pilot peak strain cutthroats this season with hopes that they will survive and attain trophy sized proportions in the years to come. This means as an angler one shouldn’t be keeping these sub-catchable size cutthroats but putting them back so in two years they will attain sizes such as 15-18 inches! You are stewards of these watersheds so act like it for others to enjoy down the road. This lake was stocked the week of 5/21, 6/4, and 7/30!

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