Wildhorse Reservoir Report

Wild Horse Reservoir - Owyhee, NV (Elko County)


As of Thursday, January 18, Wildhorse had approximately eight inches of good ice with no snow on top making it very slippery and difficult walking.  Anglers should plan on wearing some traction devices on their boots to keep from falling. With no snow and warm daytime temperatures, the ice is very noisy, booming and cracking, which has probably affected fishing which has been just fair.   There are still some major pressure ridges on the lake that contain areas of unsafe ice.  Please stay away from them.  The Hendricks Arm is still the best fishing, though fish are being caught in Penrod, near Goose Island and off of the state park.  As a general rule, anglers should find trout in six to 10 feet of water this time of year, so you don’t need to head to the middle. Depending upon the day, trout fishing has ranged from slow to good in eight to ten feet of water fishing halfway down in the water column.  For the most part, the fish are averaging 15 to 20 inches in length.  Garlic flavored PowerBait or PowerEggs have been working well.   Hopefully the predicted snow for Friday, January 19 fell making it safer walking.  The snow should also “calm” the ice down so it doesn’t boom and pop.  This may help fishing as well.


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