The West is Still Running a Little High Right Now!

West Walker River (CA) - Walker, CA (Mono County)

by Jim Reid

The West is still running a little high right now but we are starting to get some decent reports from anglers fishing the softer water both in the Pickle Meadows area as well as through the canyon. Night crawlers and salmon eggs have been producing some fish for the bait anglers and lure anglers are using panther martins and rooster tails. Fly anglers can go with small wooly buggers, prince nymphs and soft hackles.

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There was lots of good action on the pond this week, there are periods of time where they don’t seem...... Read More

Nevada Department of Wildlife Reports
for Sunday, June 17th, 2018

East Walker River (CA): Still Fishing Excellent!
East Walker River Sceirine Ranch: The Ranch is Also Fishing Excellent Right Now!
Bridgeport Reservoir: The Fly Fishing has Picked Up Quite a Bit!
Twin Lakes (Bridgeport): Fish up to Around 4 or 5 Pounds.