19 Lb Monster Wiper!

Lahontan Reservoir - Silver Springs, NV

by Chad Woods
(775) 624-7778

Beau Drake Jr who is 9 years old a Fallon residents who has been fishing this lake since he was a 1 year old caught a monster wiper 19lb 32" long.
On Friday 09-14-2018 right before sundown Beau Jr and his dad Beau Drake was out fishing on their boat by bench 26 using a pink crankbait and 15lb test on his fishing pole.  He thought he was snag on a big rock then he relied it was a big fish his Dad had to hold him while Beau Jr reeled in the fish.  The fish was pulling the boat around.  Beau Jr  fought 35 minutes with the wiper and won the battle bringing it close to the boat for his dad to net the monster fish.

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