Good to Really Good up Here on the Truckee River.

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

Good to really good up here on the Truckee River.  October is always a good month on the river as long as the weather cooperates.  It has, meaning we’ve actually had some weather.  Not an extended summer.
I’m still spending most of my time on the Nevada side of the Truckee River, down lower in and around The Nature Conservancy.  Good stuff, big fish. I opened up a few new floats, so if you’ve been out with me before and want to see some new shit…No time this month.  Think about November, it’s the new October anyway.
In California it’s very cold at night and your best bet is to let the water and air temp warm before you head out.  Lots of baetis, and you may see some fish on top.  Otherwise your best bet is to nymph. Streamers be good too.  Lots of sculpins on the CA side of the river.  Usually when DF & W, shocks the river round here they pretty much just end up with tons of sculpins.  Meaning, sculpins are everywhere, of course trout too.  Big trout like to eat sculpins.
In Nevada it’s pretty much game on.  Not too cold at night, and just about right during the day.  Most guys are out fishing Pyramid now, so the river can be empty at times.  Some people get pissed at me for giving a fishing report down there, (like it’s some kind of secret,) but there ain’t no one down there anyways.  Go enjoy the lower river, fall is a great time.  Take the kids out for a hike, or bike ride or something.  Better yet, string up their rods. The cottonwoods and foliage are amazing right now.

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