Fishing has Really Picked up From the Shore!

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

by Reno Fly Shop

Fishing has really picked up from the shore!  Early mornings and late evenings the LCT have been moving into shore and are feeding heavily with the surface temps in the mid 50’s.  The fish are eating both retrieved flies and flies on a floating line with or without an indicator.  Moderately fast retrieves without pauses has been very productive with fish following flies right up to your feet.  Make sure you check behind your flies before you lift to recast.  Balanced leeches have been the ticket for the indicator bite with some fish coming on midges.  The Marabou Midge has done well with its added action as an attractive feature.

The lake does appear to be flipping as the northern part of the lake is becoming cloudier and less clear. Hopefully a few good storms around thanksgiving will blow out the algae and the flip won’t impact fishing as much.

Flies that we suggest: Cat Whisker Booby, Spanish Olive Booby, Dragon Booby, Balanced Leech,  Marabou Midge, Holo Midge, Midnight Cowboy, Bellyache Minnow

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