Fishing at Topaz Lake is Off to a Good Start

by Doug Busey

Hello fellow anglers, Fishing at Topaz Lake is off to a good start for 2019. The weather cooperated, with the only drawback was that the morning temperature on January 1st was 9 degrees at 6:30 am. But warmed up to a nice 38 for a high.  There were many boats on the lake and most drove respectful of fellow trollers.  You can tell some were novice trollers by the way they would cut right behind you, not realizing that most trolliners pull about 100 to 150 feet of line behind their boats. All in all a good day. I have to tell you of a catch that most anglers have never experienced. As we trolled the middle of the lake, I got a strike on my Rapala. I set the hook and started to reel in,  I noticed the line looked tangled on one of our other lines. As it got closer to the boat, I saw that it was not tangled and that in fact, I had caught a trout 20 feet up on the line from my lure. The trout had rolled on the line and had twisted itself around my line. That was the easiest catch and release I have ever experienced.
Before we get to our local fishing report, I would like to remind all to not venture out on our local ponds or streams that have frozen over. Down in the Minden/ Carson area the urban ponds only have an inch or so of very unstable ice on them. If you want to do some ice fishing, take a trip up to Caples or Red lake on Highway 88 in Alpine County.

CAPLES LAKE; The lake has approx 12 inches of ice with a few feet of snow on top. Weather condition have been unpredictable in the higher elevations.

RED LAKE; The lake had 10 inches of ice last report and now also has some snow on top of that. With our recent storms in the area. Cal/Trans can always keep the parking area behind the dam cleared.

INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR: As of last week, both roads were open. When snow hits the area, use caution on the paved road. There are some areas that do not see the light of the sun and is not plowed. Some areas can be very slick. The fishing has picked up a little for anglers using inflated night crawlers or Green power bait. Average size has been 12 to 14 inch. There are some monster sized rainbows and cutthroat trout in the lake, so set your drag a little loose and keep an eye on your pole. The lake has thawed out and had all open waters as of last week.

TOPAZ LAKE; The lake is officially opened on January 1st and fishing started great and has tapered off a little. Most shore anglers have been using night crawlers or various colors of Powerbait or Gulp. Trollers have been using Rapalas or flashers and a half a night crawler. Boat launching is available at the Topaz Marina, which also has mooring available. Also the Douglas County ramp is open. Remember that the county ramp does not accept cash to obtain a permit. You will use the kiosk at the main entrance station with either debit or a credit card. A very easy and quick process. There is also a scan code is available at the kiosk to use your phone to pay for camping, day use or launching. For more information call the Topaz Landing Marina at 775-266-3550.

TOPAZ DERBY RESULTS FOR WEEK ONE;   A total of 61 tout 2 lbs and over were weighed in on the first week. 17 of those fish were tagged trout. First place went to Aaron Talhelm from Gardnerville with a 9lb 7.7 oz  24 inch trout. Second place went to David Rodden from Carson city with an 8lb 13 oz  26 inch trout. As a note, Keep an eye on Dustin Parker the last years winner of the largest fish. He caught 2 tagged fish with one at 5lbs 2.4 oz 22 inches and a 4lb 10.1 oz  24 inches long

Good luck on your next fishing adventure. If you have a question. a report in our local fishing area or have a photo of your catch, send it to [email protected]. Hope to see you on the waters. Good fishin' and tight lines.

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