Still Digging Out

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

Still digging out.
Tons of snow. Mammoth and Squaw Valley have set February snowfall records. That’s impressive considering we’re just a little halfway through the month. Wow. Honestly, I haven’t seen this much snow here in Hirschdale. Even more than ’17
I’ve literally just been blowing snow, or shoveling it since the last report. It’s a lot of work when we get this much snow. 80 has been closed the majority of the week. Just kinda gnarly up here. Cabin fever for sure. Reno just about ran out of groceries as the trucks couldn’t make it over the summit.
I went out and fished for about an hour the other day just to get out. It was a balmy 24 degrees. You ain’t going anywhere near the river unless you have some snowshoes, at least for now. That is in California. The Nevada side would be a much better option. Flows got big mid-week, but are slowly tapering back down. Kinda perfect right now at around 500 cfs here in the Hirsch. 800 and change down through the conservancy in Nevada. Good streamer flows for the lower river. Itching to get back on it.
It’s been cold, be nice if it will warm some. Hard to say what March will bring. Seems we’re stuck in a wet pattern, which is good, but man, I think most folks need a break in Tahoe. I have a bunch of trips lined up in March, weather permitting, ha ha. The river is ice free despite the cold temps and actually is good to go. I can now plan some clinics and things too for March.
I’ll see you guys at Pleasanton next week if you’re there. I’ll have a show on the Lower Truckee River in Nevada.

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