Riviera Marina Late April Report

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Riviera Marina

by Rusty

The fishing in our area is going great. Along the banks of the Colorado river below the Davis Dam, we are getting striped bass and rainbow trout. The Casino area has been producing a few stripers in the 1 to 5 pound range.  This is going for up and down the river from the dam to the needles area. Our local angler Steve Gregory brought in his catch to share the larger ones came in at 3.68 ponds at 22 inches and 3.4 pounds at 21 and 1/4 inches. He was fishing from shore using anchovies. Steve is from Mohave Valley and I thanked him for making the trip up to share his catch.

Topock Marsh is showing some signs of activity and not just for largemouth bass. Our local angler and grinning from ear to ear Sharon Kabat was fishing from shore near catfish paradise and landed a couple of channel cats the larger one was 8 pounds and 25 and 3/4 inches. We are having a great season for Rainbow trout and our Willow Beach Hatchery has ended the season of stocking here below Davis Dam. The good news we have a bunch of hold overs that our anglers are having some great  success landing. Our local angler Mike Merritt was using power bait and landed his limit in the Sunshine Peninsula area while fishing from shore. Another great spot is our community park where Poky the Tortoise is seen greeting our visitors along Highway 95.. this area has great access and is family friendly.

Lake Mohave the bite just hasn’t taken off yet I have heard of some small mouth bass and a few black bass being landed but they could still be in spawn mode or protecting the fry(fish babies).

Hope this helps some for now be safe out there and we hope to see you in soon to share that catch. a reminder our striper derby is approaching and our city staff is dong a super job to make this event great and we are encouraging the public to come out enjoy the event and talk with the local anglers get your raffle tickets its going to be a good one Thanks Again.

Thanks For your Support,
Rusty Riviera Marina
520 Riviera Blvd.
Bullhead City AZ

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