Truckee River Fishing Report

Truckee River

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Reno Fly Shop

by Reno Fly Shop

Since my last report fishing on the Truckee River has been a little tougher than in previous weeks. Chalk it up to continual flow changes, (2500 cfs to 1600 and back to 2400 cfs) or a full moon phase, fishing was just a little off. Stability in the system will increase fishing as insect life on the Truckee River is booming!! Caddis, Little Yellow Sallys, Pale Morning Duns, and even a few Green Drakes have been popping off with increasing quantities in the late morning, early afternoon. Water temperatures are also perfectly nestled in the mid 50’s creating some of the fishiest conditions that I’ve seen in a while.

Fish are really starting to move into faster water, not quite fast water yet, but faster than a walking pace that we’ve been focusing on for the past few months. Using extra weight can be the difference between multiple fish days, and going fishless. I’ve been changing flies a lot as is seems the fish are not keying in on singular hatches, but are enjoying the whole smorgasbord instead. Crayfish patterns and streamers have been working as well, but as always covering water is key to find the fish who are willing to hunt larger prey.

Flies We Suggest: Perdigon Black, Spanish Bullet, Quill Jig, Hot Spot, CDC Red Tag, Hot Cheek, Mylar Prince, Tunghead Stonefly, Masked Marauder, Sculpzilla, Complex Twist Bugger, Cheech Leech, Black Momba Ant, Chenobyl Ant

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