The Truckee River is on Fire!

Truckee River

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Reno Fly Shop

by Reno Fly Shop

The river is hovering around 600 CFS, and is in the mid to high 50’s depending on the time of the day that you are fishing. There are bugs galore, and the trout are feeding heavily. Little yellow stoneflies, caddis, and PMD’s make up the majority of the insects that the fish are feeding on. Focusing on nymphs in a size 14 and 12 have been the most effective, but with so many food items available it seems that the fish are willing to eat just about any fly that is presented well.

European Style Nymphing (ESN) has still been the most effective. Indicators are tied to the surface current are causing drag at depth. Fish are settling into faster water when they are in feeding mode. We are also seeing an early evening hatch almost every night depending on how much wind we’ve had in the previous day. Targeting slower water at the tailout of pools, or any softer water has been productive for dry fly fishing.

Perdigon Black, Spanish Bullet, Quill Jig, Hot Spot, CDC Red Tag, Hot Cheek, Mylar Prince, Tunghead Stonefly, Masked Marauder, Sculpzilla, Para Adams, Elk Hair Caddis, Stimulator

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