Crazy September Weather

Truckee River

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Gilligan's Guide Service

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

Had one of those, didn’t think I could make it to the take out days this weekend because of the heat days. Waking up today with a few inches of snow this morning in the Hirsch. Crazy September weather.

Mainly, I’ve been floating down on the Nevada side. Not too good streamer fishing with the heat. Good nymphing though. Mainly tight line nymphing, And yes, we do it from the boat. Wrecked ‘em on Friday, did good on Saturday. Big fish, all rainbows. Mainly all on crayfish. Water temps were in the low-60’s. Meaning trouts are not in the slow water. They are in the faster water. A thermometer is a valuable tool for the fly angler.

So nymphing is good. Streamer fishing not so much yet. That will change with some cooler weather if it continues to stay cool. Who knows.

For now, think crayfish. Baby crayfish are out in abundance. Also, think smaller baetis patterns. Put movement on your crays if you ain’t getting them. We’ve been drilled over and over about getting a dead drift. Guess what, nymphs move, especially crayfish. Sometimes you should just throw everything out the window you’ve heard from the so called experts and do your own thing.

2 spots for the combined tight line and streamer clinic on October 5th.

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