Pre Spawn Pilot Party

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

Client Paula over the moon with her first fish of the day
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Pyramid Fly Co.

by Pyramid Fly Co.

  As we are settling into the heart of winter and getting acclimated to weather, the fish are doing the same.  In the last month we have had some frigid winter days.  As the water temperatures have dropped the fish have been frequenting the shallows a bit more.  What does this mean?  Fishing is picking up! 

The large Pilot peak strain are starting to feed heavily and frequent the shallows more often throughout the day to pack on more mass as they slide into pre spawn our catching opportunities also start to jump up.  The next few months are going to be game on!  This season we are seeing so many fish in the 10 pound plus class it’s mind boggling.  The amount of food available for the fish in the lake allow these fish to pack on the pounds like no other.  In 2017 and 2019 we have had banner snow years.  The lake has risen over 30 vertical feet since then and the food source for the cutthroat has exploded!  In 2018 the creel senses recorded a fish at 25 inches that hit 13.5lbs!  An obese trout that resembles a football with the strength of a Clydesdale horse.  These fish are HOT and the fishery hasn’t been this healthy in decades.

As the we are transitioning into winter the fish’s food source is also taking a change.  As the tui chub begin to spread out the fish begin to start feeding heavily on chironomids like a whale feeds on plankton.  Cruising the shallows filter feeding on most anything that resembles their diet. 

With these cooler water temperatures indicator fishing is going to keep your flies in the feeding zone much longer thus allowing for more strikes.

Midges are going to be our fly of choice for the next few months as these fish cruise into the warmer shallow water packing on the pounds before spawn.  These fish eat midges in a rainbow of colors.  Get fancy, get flashy and have fun.  Every color from black, purple, red, wine and even pink will get these fish sucking that indicator down if its in the feeding lane and looks appealing

These fish will continue to be found all over the lake throughout the season.  Don’t feel the need to fish those shoulder to shoulder beaches there are fish everywhere!  And most of all, you can’t catch em from the couch.