Tahoe Topliners Report

Lake Tahoe

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tahoe Topliners

by Mike Nielsen

Getting ready rock day 3 in row after lil break. The weather man sure has missed it big. Forecasts said 50 degree days. Thursday started light rain. Got sunny then big east wind took us off. We got handful of Macs and few browns. Yesterday weather up on ski resort 50 degrees at 8000 ft. Carson valley 68 degrees but out on lake wet fog 59 yards of visibility at most. Grabbed some dinner macs and lost some others.

Today prepping had to laugh as net is frozen solid from 26 degree fog. I don’t mind cold, snow, rain or some wind but fog is rare here and hats off to captains and fishermen who deal with it daily or often. To barely see 20-50 yards sucks. See what today brings. Be safe out there!

If you would like to go fishing with Tahoe Topliners please call Mike Nielsen at (530) 721-0593 or for more information please check our website at www.tahoetopliners.com.

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