Reno Fly Shop: Truckee River Fishing Report

Truckee River

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Reno Fly Shop

by Reno Fly Shop

Truckee River 

The last few days we have smoke is beginning to clear. Maybe the only good thing about the smoke we have all been getting is that it was able to drop the water temps from highs in low 70s. Combined with the 7 day forecast for cooler temps we might be through the worst of summer high water temps.

Fishing has been good the last week. We are still fishing more in the mornings, and fish are still in fast oxygenated water. 

The stonefly bite has begun to taper off a bit, but the fish are still keeping their eye out for them. Tie one on in faster deeper water conditions. Otherwise, smaller flies have still been key. Size 16-18 mayfly and caddis nymphs have been fishing well. Also, CDC soft hackle flies like the jigged assassin and cdc red tag have made quite the impression this week as most of the bigger fish have been on these flies both dead drifted and swung through the bottom of the drift. 

ESN has been the most successful approach. Most of the fish we are finding are in fast moving, aerated, somewhat chaotic water. Getting to depth and remaining there can be tricky even with heavier flies. I’ve taken to using a drop-shot if I feel as though my flies are not getting to depth quickly enough. It is important to setup the drop-shot rig correctly. If you would like to know more about how we suggest you set it up drop Mike an email or swing by the shop and any of us can help out.

Interested in finding out more about European Style Nymphing or getting your own rig? Check out our podcast with the master, Devin Olsen. In it we cover many of the tactics, approaches and how best to set up an ESN rig.

And to start out or upgrade you ESN setup we have put together a complete Euro outfit that has everything you need to start putting trout in the net. Check it out here.

Flies we suggest: Carot, The Ticket, G6 Caddis, OCD Caddis, Nemec Stone, Masked Marauder, CDC Red Tag, Parachute Adams, Parachute Madam X, Perdigon, ID Theft, Sculpzilla, Weirs Sculpin, or pick up our monthly curated fly selection for the the Truckee River the Truckee River Dozen

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