Sometimes We Get Lucky, But Always Have Fun!

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Pyramid Fly Co.

by Pyramid Fly Co.

Sometimes one needs to improvise. In the beginning of this tussle the fly line wrapped around the reel. Shortly after she decided to take a long quick run after seeing the shallows, as these fish often do. Pulling the fly line out and around the reel a funky “pop” was heard in the line. With not much time to do anything other than let the fish rip all seemed well. Then all of a sudden that funny clicking of fly line was heard bouncing down the guides. You know that annoying sound you hear when you drop your line will stringing it up, only to have to start over again? At that moment the fly line hit the water. “Expletive! My flume line broke”! As the line hit the water it began pulling out towards the deep blue shelf. I jumped off my chair without thinking too much. Nobody wants to litter 40’ of fly line, not leave it attached to a fish. Well needless to say, it was a funny and quick hand line battle. The second she was up at the top @_thomasschaefer made an epic swoop and slid her into the net. Sometimes we get lucky. But we always have fun.

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