Let Em Run

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

Mariah Agee put all the pieces of the puzzle together from the clinic to put this nice Cutty into the net.
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Pyramid Fly Co.

by Pyramid Fly Co.

What a wild week! For early December the lake is fishing extremely well. While we are still using the, "Quality over quantity", motto, some days can be a bit of both. As we pushed through the full moon the indicator bite produced some extremely nice fish. This fishery seems to be getting better and better. Where to fish one asks? Well, if I told you we have been finding fish on both ends of the lake and buried into all the nooks and crannies would you believe me? It still baffles me how a group of anglers have zero tricks up their sleeves and continuously fish one or two beaches all season. These large cutthroat roam this huge lake and can be found everywhere! Yes, that no name beach you always fly past has fish as well.

This past week we have seen a large number of fish in the double digits. It's almost as if ten pound trout are becoming part of the norm. While the amount of grabs per day varies drastically, the number of heavy fish sucking up the flies up is damn near fifty percent. That being said, don't miss your grabs. Not every strike is going to burry that bobber 4 feet under water. Some grabs can look like just a tick, bobble or blunder of the bobber. Move that thing! See if that tick was a fish. Did your bobber bury after you twitched it after a funny wobble? Probably. Hook sets are free! Set that hook!

This week we have a heavy high pressure system pushing into the area with some weather that is just too nice for this time of year. The mornings are generally a bit cold and the afternoons can rival most spring days. We have had a decent early morning bite before the sun pushes up but the most consistent bite remains to be that after lunch special. With the warmer than average December temperatures creating awesome big fish opportunities for the "fair weather", fishermen or fisherlady. Slide in late morning, get warmed up and dialed in by lunch. Eat a nice hot shore lunch and get back on the water for the "afternoon push", and fish til the sun drops and the temperatures plummit.

With water temperatures sliding down to 50 at around six foot these fish are happy and full of pep! The water temperatures are prime, their food supply is plentiful and the lack of summer pressure have these fish hotter than ever! This time of year the fish have been gorging heavily on bait fish giving them plenty of fuel in the tank. Im not sure Ive seen so many broken hooks, broken tippet and the amount of times that odd looking line under all that fly line has showed itself. And its only the beginning of December. The fish are still sucking down all the usual suspects. Balanced leeches under the bobber continue to remain king until these fish start feeding heavily on midges.

We had a great group of lady anglers at our ladies only Switch Rod/Indicator Clinic

The ladies Retreiving clinic was on point and they learned alot which builds confidence. Watch out guys, The girls are gunnin for ya

So rather than waiting for the fish to roam the shallows and winter to really set in, one should really take advantage of all the lake has to offer early season. The fish are as hot as can be, they are eating well presented flies now while food is on the brain and the crowds are nothing like they are in March. So if you throw that bobber on, come out fishing and have a good time more than likely you're going to find some nice fish willing to play. But one thing is for certain. if you sit at home on the couch wondering if you're going to catch anything, you're not. So get up off that couch and come join us on the water for a great time chasing these monster trophy trout.

Have a great week !!

Morgan Kane and the PFC Crew

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