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Sunny afternoons are slowing down the thickening of ice across the reservoir. Anglers are fishing from shore where ice is thinnest. Anglers are using night crawlers and PowerBait, a couple feet below a bobber. Overnight freezing temperatures cause ice up along the edges in the morning, but nothing to note. The launch ramp is open, but the fishing pier is still removed. For up-to-date ice conditions, contact Spring Valley State Park at 775-962-5102.


Trout are the focus, though fishing activity has been minimal. Due to ice along the shore, boats are unable to launch. Spinners, night crawlers, and Woolly Buggers are generally productive for trout. Some anglers are still trying their luck with bass and crappie, but NDOW has received no reports of fish activity. For up-to-date ice conditions, contact Echo Canyon State Park at 775-962-5103.


Striped bass are hitting trolled swimbaits in the early morning throughout the Boulder Basin. Boils have slowed but are still popping up throughout the Las Vegas Bay and Temple Bar areas. Anglers are seeing black bass action throughout the day on spinnerbaits and topwater lures. Catfish are taking anchovies overnight near Hemenway.


Willow Beach shore anglers are catching rainbow trout on a variety of Rooster Tails, PowerBait and night crawlers. The fish are feeding in the morning and activity dies down by noon. Boaters are seeing topwater striper action on the river south of Willow. White lures are fooling fish between 5 and 10 pounds. On the reservoir, anglers are reporting striper boils in the morning just above Davis Dam. Fish as large as 10 pounds are taking pencil poppers and crankbaits.


Rainbow trout are quick to bite floating mice tails in green or yellow. Swimbaits in trout and shad patterns are catching striped bass of all sizes when thrown from shore. Catfish activity is picking up in marshy areas. Stink baits and anchovies are the go-to baits.


Bass and crappie fishing has slowed with the focus being on rainbow trout. Anglers are starting out with nymphs or spinners when hitting the water, most with good success. Thin ice is forming along the shoreline, but at times it is enough to block launch ramps.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife planted rainbow trout in the ponds again this last week. The fish are taking spinners and night crawlers. Catfish are taking night crawlers and shrimp. Shrimp can be used in urban ponds because they are not considered a fish or fish parts. Anglers are asked to dispose of their unwanted fishing line and tackle in trash receptacles or recycling bins located along pond shorelines.


For information about NDOW educational programs and workshops visit https://register-ed.com/programs/nevada/210-angler-education. You can get your fishing license online at www.ndowlicensing.com .

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