Doug Busey Eastern Sierra Fishing Report

Caples Lake
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Doug Busey

by Doug Busey

Hello fellow anglers, I have to tell you that some boaters still have not taken a boaters safety course, by the actions I witnessed  two weeks ago. While trolling on Topaz lake on the east side of the lake approx 40 feet from the shore line. We were trolling in an even parallel line from the shore. Another boater father out was trolling in a zigzag pattern, which is a typical pattern for trolling when you have the  room to do so. With each pass they made, they came closer to our vessel, causing us to have to shift our straight pattern closer to the east shoreline. By the time we came to the point on the south/east side. We had run  us out of room to maneuver. My fishing partner asked them if we could  speed up a little to pass them as they zagged to the west to move in front of them, as not to entangle our lines or put us in danger or could they move their pattern more away from our vessel. Their reply was, "This is the way we troll and they had a right to troll however they wanted ''. With this reply, my partner and I realized they had limited knowledge of how to control their vessel. So we reeled up our lines and moved to another area of the lake.  I would like to remind anyone that operates a water vessel,  common courtesy is a practice that we all use, it is not a rule. But when you purposely drive your vessel in the direction of another vessel, putting both of the vessels at risk. That is something you learn in boaters education, and is a violation and you can be sited. I admit that while we have all made a mistake and not seen another boater while trolling. When we do, we correct our mistakes and take another line. When I troll in the direction of an oncoming or parallel troller or vessel. I will put my hand out to the left or right to show my intention to that vessel  to reduce any confusion for both of us. I have also been shown that courtesy from other boaters. Owning and operating a watercraft means more than just ownership, it is a responsibility to you and safety of others on the water. We all just want to have fun and enjoy the day. Take a boaters safety course for yourself and others. It is also the law in Nevada if you were born on or after January 1, 1983, Other states may vary.

CAPLES LAKE: Renee and I ventured up to do some ice fishing last weekend. The lake had 18 inches of ice closer to the edge of the lake and 14 inches as we ventured out farther, with no snow on top. Through the day we saw many anglers out enjoying the day. We tried jigs, powerbait, salmon eggs and unfortunately we did not catch any fish. Others during the day had the same luck. but did see a few bites. I talked with Joe at the Caples Lake resort, he reported an angler catching a few the week before on mealworms. We saw some venturous anglers that walked in from Woods Creek to ice fish on the north end. There was about 6 to 12 inches of snow on the ground

RED LAKE: I saw one angler on the lake last week. The ice was reported at 18 inches. I am waiting to hear back from a local biologist to get information on the blue green algae issue they had over the summer. I am trying to plan an ice fishing get together in a few weeks. I will let you know the date if you would like to join us. But only if I get good information from the biologist.

BLUE LAKES: The road is closed at the first gate.

WOODS LAKE: The gate is closed.

BURNSIDE LAKE: Vehicle traffic is closed at the gate. But we did see a few cross country skiers venturing in.

INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR: The lake level is down and the weeds are very low. Fishing has been spotty for angler using night crawlers or powerbait. I am also inquiring on the status of the blue green algae issue the lake had last summer. As of this date, I would still recommend cleaning your fish at home in clean fresh water. Limit your contact with the water on the lake. Which can be done with soap and water or hand sanitizer.

TOPAZ LAKE: The fishing has been slow. But many anglers are getting limits with a full day of fishing. Trollers have been using flashers and a half a night crawler. Raplas have been productive in a blk/gld or a perch pattern. I recommend changing up your colors when one is not producing. I use a snap (without a swivel) on the end of my line to make a quick change of size and color pattern when using Rapalas. Shore fishing has been a little slower.  Most anglers have been using green powerbait with fair success.

CARSON RIVERS EAST AND WEST FORK CALIFORNIA SIDE: Closed to fishing until the last Saturday in April. With the exception of the section from Hangmans Bridge to the Nevada state line. This area is open all year with catch and release with artificial lures or flies.

CARSON RIVER NEVADA SIDE: Open all year to fishing. The water level is very low. Best area to try would be above the broken dam with a small spinner or salmon eggs.

I hope to see you on the waters soon. A couple special notes when venturing out. Tell someone where you're going and when you will return, and to use caution on our back roads. There was some ice on the road on highway 88 early in the morning on our trip through Alpine County. I hope we can get some snow up in the higher elevations, as it is very light right now. This weekend and beyond just may give us some. Last year, the second week of February gave us 12 inches down in the valley and more up on top. If you get a picture of your fishing adventure, send it to [email protected]. good fishin' and tight lines.

Good luck on your next fishing adventure. If you have a question. a report in our local fishing area or have a photo of your catch, send it to [email protected]. Hope to see you on the waters. Good fishin' and tight lines.

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