NDOW Southern Fishing Report

Photo Credit: Courtesy of NDOW

by Nevada Department of Wildlife


The Nevada Department of Wildlife planted the reservoir with 5,000 tiger trout and 15,000 rainbow trout. Fishing is good, but traffic has been slow. Some lucky anglers reeled in some 15-17-inch browns over the weekend using spinners. The campgrounds and facilities have been upgraded and ready for spring break, but the boat has been temporarily removed for upgrades and safety. The new dock should be in by the beginning of summer.


The reservoir waters are slowly rising. Fishing has been improving in the wake of spring trout plants. Rainbow trout will take spinners and night crawlers. Water at the campgrounds has not yet been turned on, but that is expected to change sometime in the coming week. 


Striped bass anglers are having the most success with anchovies and golden shiners. Boaters are trolling down about 65 feet and shore anglers are seeing action in the coves of the Las Vegas Bay area. Most fish are weighing less than 3 pounds. Largemouth bass activity is steadily increasing as the fish near the spawn. Soft plastics are tempting fish averaging 2 pounds around Callville Bay. Catfish are attacking marshmallows and shrimp beginning in the late afternoon.


Lake Mohave bass are active, but anglers are struggling with the wind. Smallmouth bass are biting in 6-8 feet of water. Chigger craws and worms in green pumpkin are the baits of choice. Willow Beach anglers are finding stripers just south of the marina. Trout swimbaits and anchovies fished deep are producing nice fish. Rainbow trout are hanging around the shadows near the fishing pier.


Seasonal trout plants have come to an end. Trout are cruising the shorelines just south of Big Bend of the Colorado State Recreation Area. Anglers are averaging one to two fish on PowerBait and night crawlers. The Laughlin Lagoon remains a hotspot for black bass anglers. Fish up to 3 pounds are taking soft plastics. Striper anglers are reporting a slow bite on this stretch of the river.


Reservoir waters are clear, and fishing has been good. Rainbow trout will take night crawlers and a variety of spoons and spinning lures. Woolly Buggers and nymph patterns are working well for fly-fishers. Be prepared for afternoon winds that are common in the spring. .


The Nevada Department of Wildlife planted rainbow trout at Cold Creek and Floyd Lamb Park last week. Sunset Park is having mechanical issues with the water pump, so the pond was not stocked. Anglers are catching trout using PowerBait, small spinners, and nymphs. Mealworms and small grubs are the baits of choice for anglers fishing for bluegill, while plastics and spinnerbaits are used for largemouth bass.


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