Truckee River Fly Fishing Report Early May 2021 (East River)

Truckee River

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Bearfish Alliance

by Bearfish Alliance Staff

Trout are out an about in the Big T, and as always they are looking for big snacks to keep them revved up during the higher water. We aren’t having a spectacular high water year, which is a bummer since this can really be a great time to hunt those big pigs. Instead we are looking at around the low 600 CFS range with a water temp hovering around 54-58 on the east river. Not too shabby though, and you will be able to find fish typically at the tails of faster water and hunting in deep pools. No specific favored water, but if you use your fish senses to narrow it down you will find them. When in doubt always search for the path of least resistance where the fish will try and save energy. Seams, tailouts, slower paced pool foam lines, and don’t be afraid to search where the fish take advantage of hydraulics. This would be in front of, on the side(s), and behind boulders. If you can get deep you will find slower moving water on the bottom of the river and fish will hold behind even the slightest of obstacles. 

As for suggestions on flies and tactics: Stoneflies are always a good choice, and this has been a solid producer for our crew out on the water. Was out with Julian today and he went Rick Ross today on the Truckee and came up with a win on the Stonefly….and this is when literally nothing else produced (Well Done Julian!). You can pair this up with a “Gimme” fly such as a small nymph in orange, purple, or green to increase your chance for a hookup. Indicator fishing is one way to deliver these patterns to the fish, or if you want to get your Jedi on you can swing them through the current sans indicator. Go with at least a 3x Fluorocarbon on the tippet, water is slightly off color and this will help with running fish and fly recovery if you snag. Also, don’t be afraid to throw some meat. Streamers are always welcome treats and you will be surprised on how well they will produce even when nothing else isn’t! Gear wise, well, personally I never go below 5wt on the Big T, and don’t be shy to rock the longer rods. At Bearfish we are big fans of using Loop Switch Rods and the Loop Q 10ft rods. Great reach, excellent mending, keeps you out of the brush by increasing your roll casting ability, and most importantly it doesn’t tax the fish to exhaustion as the lighter weight 2-4 weights can. Be safe and tight lines!

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