Tahoe Topliners Lake Tahoe Spring Report

Lake Tahoe

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tahoe Topliners

by Mike Nielsen

Little samples of some of our 2021 Spring.
Season 25 for us has had interesting action with some great days snd some grinding days but we get em every trip. Some easier than others.
Drifting bait out in open water suspended has been very productive.
This spring we have had some of the deepest brown Trout catches with lots of action 55-125 ft down but over water from 100-600 ft deep.
The plankton blooms have pulled bait away from shore zones drawing fish out over open water.
Note the difficulty trapping bait this season.
Looking forward to warmer temps and hopefully giant hookups!

If you would like to go fishing with Tahoe Topliners please call Mike Nielsen at (530) 721-0593 or for more information please check our website at www.tahoetopliners.com.

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