NDOW Southern Fishing Report

Photo Credit: Courtesy of NDOW

by Nevada Department of Wildlife


Despite stormy conditions, Spring Valley State Park was full over the weekend. Anglers have been catching rainbow, tiger, and brown trout. Cloudy days bring some good fishing, but be mindful of thunderstorms. The hot lure over the weekend was a Mepp’s spinner in red and gold. Bass and trout are both hitting black Woolly Buggers, but remain under a catch-and-release regulation until June 30. 


 Rainbow trout action has been good. Anglers are catching the fish with PowerBait or spinners. Largemouth bass and crappies are taking various lures and jigs fished throughout the lake. Campsites at Echo Canyon State Park are fully open.


Bass and catfish action is improving. Black bass are hiding out in vegetation. Swim jigs and soft plastic worms are getting hits near Callville Bay. Anglers fishing from shore at Hemenway Pier have been catching stripers using anchovies. Catfish are showing a preference for bait fish and worms fished along the shorelines overnight.


Anglers are reporting the most consistent bass bite is taking place in the early morning. Smallmouth are hitting topwater lures and crankbaits, while largemouth are closing in on soft plastics. Striper anglers have had success working Rat-L-Traps and other crankbaits near coves. Willow Beach is still offering quality striped bass to anglers. Trout-patterned swimbaits are tempting fish lager than 10 pounds.


The striper bite is on for anglers fishing near Davis Dam. Anchovies are the bait of choice, but some anglers are reporting success with shad lures as well. Black bass have come off their beds near the Laughlin Lagoon and are looking for food. Jigs and swimbaits are working better than topwater lures.


 A weather front brought windy conditions, making fishing a little difficult. Winds can come up quickly and cause safety issues for the unprepared. Thunderstorms are expected to continue through Friday with various degrees of intensity. Fisherman launching boats in Haymeadow and Cold Springs are advised to use caution when launching as the entry may be shallow.  


Though anglers are seeing many fish along the shoreline, the action has been slow. This is common with low pressure systems and should turn around soon. The Nevada Department of Wildlife stocked bluegill in the ponds on Monday. Green Power Grubs, meal worms, and night crawler pieces will catch the fish. Anglers 12 years of age and older need a Nevada fishing license, and there is a three-fish limit at all urban ponds.


For information about NDOW educational programs and workshops visit https://register-ed.com/programs/nevada/210-angler-education. You can get your fishing license online at www.ndowlicensing.com .

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