Get Them Flies Down and Dirty in That Fast Pocket Water

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

Looks like the heat wave is over.

Little rough this week with heat. Mid 90’s in the Hirsch. Fishing is great though on the Truckee River.

Get them flies down and dirty in that fast pocket water. Learn to tight line nymph, or euro nymph, if you don’t already. If you get a guide, not the best idea to get the out of town guide, or the newest Google ad guide that comes up first. You gotta know the river this time of year. Learn to get around and wade in the river. If you fall in, oh well, get up and shake it off. I just ruined another phone this week. Needed a new one with a better camera anyway. If you have rubber bottom boots, make sure they’re Vibram brand, or the Orvis, Michelin soles. Throw the other garbage away. Get felts, and stud them, or put the aluminum bars on. Loose the ego and get a staff if you don’t feel that comfortable.

Best fishing is the morning until about noon. You get in the right water, with the right rig, and you’ll put up some numbers. Go out in the evening, and you’ll see tons of caddis. Green drakes should be here any evening, maybe tonight.

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