The Striper Bite is Doing Fairly Well Here Along The Shores of The Colorado River

Colorado River - Laughlin - Laughlin, NV

by Rusty

The striper bite is doing fairly well here along the shores of the Colorado river here below the Davis Dam.  We are very blessed to have such great spots to fish from. Both sides of the river have some great spots and with our Arizona fishing license you can be on either side or in the water. For you bait anglers its anchovies that are one of the top producers on catching our stripped bass. The limit here below the Davis dam is 10 with no size limit. For anglers that like the action of lure fishing there are a number of great lures to pick form. The Glide baits do really well over the soft swim baits with the savage gear, the westin, river2seas, waver and the arisha storm bait these are only just to name a few and of course to mention the ac plug is also a great bait to throw for our stripers. I mostly like to say that the trout pattern would usually be your first to go to. And again these are suggestions as there are a lot of great lures to choose from and I haven't mentioned the top water lures which usually require a bit more technique to produce a good hook up.

Our local high school fishing club mostly hosted or mentored by Gary Regan and also assisted by David Nader now and again has been back fishing our shore line. They have been using anchovies and doing ok with Za'mayah williams with her first striper and her first fish and Xander Gonzalez was helping her hold this one pound striper at 14 inches. The group with David Nader is Maythe Lopez Kamila Gutierrez and Selah Boyd again fishing from shore and using anchovies with the larger striper weighing in at 3 pounds and 20 and 3/4 inches. Its great to see the kids' out enjoying the sport of fishing .

I have been hearing of some activity up on Lake Mohave but its been a bit on the slow side I am sure our warm weather (Hot so to say) might have something to do with that . I am sure there are fish on that lake. the same with the marsh we should be getting more news from that area also soon I am sure both these area are great spots and have some of the best opportunities to land a few of the species we have to offer in our area. Hope this helps some for now and we look forward to seeing you i to share that catch and the story to share. But mostly thanks so much for all of y0ur support Now Go Catch A Fish Rusty Riviera Marina 520 Riviera Blvd. Bullhead City Az. 928-763-8550

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