Trout in the Bathtub

Truckee River

by Bearfish Alliance Staff

That’s the Truckee River in the nutshell, at least on the Nevada side. With low water levels, low flow, and roller coaster temps that are running from 62 in the morning up to 74 in the afternoon its probably best to just leave the trout alone. Not worth the risk of wearing these fish out as they will have zero ability to recover. This might be a different story if the water was flowing faster and deeper, but we are seeing anglers target these shallow water Bow’s and Brown’s and its just not what we should be doing as a angling community. Also, we need to be conscious that Browns are going to try and form spawning beds soon, and with limited flow and cover this may be a dismal time for it. Lack of flow means that the eggs won’t have the appropriate dissolved oxygen levels, and low water doesn’t offer redd’s (Trout Roe) any protection from predators and anglers big feet.

This doesn’t mean you can’t hit the river to find fish, as a matter of fact I would say go anywhere from Rock park down to and below derby damn to hunt some golden bonefish (Carp!) These fish are highly adapted to warm water and will give you the challenge and fight you are looking for. Tie on a craw pattern or anything buggy that Carp would munch on and drag it through the mud…you might be surprised at the results.Up the canyon on the Cali side is offering relief for Trout, but make sure you go high enough to get cooler temps, but be sure to stay out of National Forest boundaries as these are still closed due to fire restrictions. 

Tight lines and start thinking about Pyramid....its coming soon! We will be having a kickoff event for the Mid, check out to learn more. 

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