Late October Pyramid Lake Report

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

by Reno Fly Shop

Not sure how much Pyramid Lake raised over the week but can imagine it was measurable. Earlier in the week many of the beaches had muddy water conditions from tributary runoff. If you pull up to your favorite beach and find it uniformly muddy it might be best to pick another spot. If however, you can see a clearly defined boundary between muddy and clear water it is worth floating flies on the clear side or stripping fles from muddy to clear. If you are interested in more details on this tactic swing by the shop and we can cover it.

Fishing has been somewhat slow this week at the lake with muddy water and high pressure conditions. This should change through the weekend as a low pressure system is forecasted to move into the area on Monday. Focusing on low light conditions, early and late in the day, will provide the best opportunities for fish.

Pyramid Lake Flies We Suggest: Boobies (Spanish Olive, Cat Whisker, Diablo), Pyramid Lake Beetle, Bellyache Minnow, Jans Tui-Chub, Balanced Leech, Holographic Midge, Pyramid Lake Fly Selection

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