Riviera Marina Fishing Report

Colorado River - Laughlin - Laughlin, NV

by Rusty

Look where we live. How cool is this our local and visiting anglers are getting limits of trout and  stripers. Mostly here along the shores of the Colorado River below the Davis Dam. We have some great spots on both sides of the river the Nevada or Arizona side for this area which is producing some great catches.

Our local angler Mike Merritt and visiting grand daughter Alyssa Carmona landed a limit of 5 each at the rotary park area using power bait. Mike tried spinners at first but no luck so switched to power bait and in no time at all a nice stringer of fish for the smoker. I hope to see him back with a couple for me to try as he has made some great fish fry's.

Our local angers Daniel and wife Brenda Barajas went to the Nevada side or the state park and were fishing from shore. They were using anchovies and landed a nice stringer of stripers. Both the stripers and the trout seem to be about the same size great for the pan. While the stripers they landed were in the one pound range there are some of the bigger ones out there so make sure you have a good knot and set that drag so you are ready for the battle that may come.

I have been getting mixed news from up on Lake Mohave. Anglers are reporting seeing boils near the dam and others are not finding any fish. So to say the lake is hit and or miss.

No word from the marsh as of yet but our water levels this time of year are on the low side which stops a lot of our boaters from being able to launch in the marsh area. a brief reminder here below the Davis Dam the limit for rainbow trout is 5 with no size limit. The striper limit below the Davis Dam is 10 no size limit.

Hope this helps some for now and we look forward to seeing you in soon to share that catch and your story. Mostly thanks so much for all of your support.

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Riviera Marina Fishing Report
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