Eastern Sierra Fishing Report

Picture of Mt. Tom. Lookin’ good!
Photo Credit: Photo by Betsy Skye

by Doug Busey

Hello fellow anglers. I hope your Thanksgiving was memorable. Many changes have occurred over the last couple weeks. As you will see in your fishing report, fishing regulations have changed for the season. One change I am looking forward to is Indian Creek Reservoir and the surrounding area. I have been in contact with the Bureau of Land Management, and the closures due to the Tamarack Fire are scheduled to expire on December 1st. Which means, The reservoir will be open to fishing once more.  But as many of us have read in the recent days. There are some that want to change the name of the lake, stating it is insultful and hurtful to be named Indian Creek. I have spoken to many of my friends, some are Native American.  Not one of the individuals I spoke to feel the name is insulting to Endiginous people. I have been going to Indian Creek Reservoir for over 30 years to enjoy the land that is beautiful and peaceful. To watch the eagles sore and the Wildlife come alive, to sit and enjoy a day of fishing. I have met many new friends at this place. It has ever changing characteristics that can not be explained unless you have seen it with your own eyes.  I think back to the people that have passed this way on a journey from one place to another. As I sat on the shore of the lake, many years ago watching the sun go down, thinking of those that have journeyed through these lands. I then saw on top of the mountain, high above  Woodfords Canyon. A silhouette of an old man that is bent over watching and protecting those who travel through it. It is actually a large tree that had been damaged over the years and grew at a 45 degree angle over the canyon. Which can only be visualized  at the last few minutes of sunset during spring and summer hours. This is not just something I saw one time a long time ago. I look forward every year to seeing the old man still watching over the canyon. I only hope this year, The Tamarack fire did not take that away.  To me, Indian means beautiful and peaceful. If this lake had a different name, I may not have ever had that experience. But I did, and I cherish it every year.. This is my personal reflection on the changing of the name of Indian Creek Reservoir.

CAPLES LAKE: The lake has come up a few feet and most of the snow around the lake has melted. The ice has started to form, but is not safe to venture out on. As of last week there were still plenty of areas to shore fish. The resort is closed for the season.

RED LAKE: As of this week the ice has not yet started to form on the lake. Rob Bickor and Joe Voss fished last week and reported a couple nice cutthroat trout. This time of year the ice will start forming around the edges. I would recommend staying off of the ice until we have a solid 6-8 inches. Which is usually about mid December

BLUE LAKES: The gates are closed and most of the snow we had a few weeks ago has all melted

HIGHLAND LAKES: The road is not advised to travel at this time of year. And is scheduled to close any day.

INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR: The lake and surrounding area is scheduled to open on December 1st. Fishing in the late fall and winter is usually good for large rainbows and cutthroat trout. I look forward to seeing you there soon.

CARSON RIVER WEST FORK CALIFORNIA SIDE: Fishing is open to catch and release artificial lures and fly  with barbless hooks only. The flows have come up a little. Joe Voss and Rob Bickor  fished last week using an indicator with a nymph and a bead head dropper, and caught a few nice fish. For more information stop by the Creekside Inn

CARSON RIVER EAST FORK CALIFORNIA SIDE: Fishing is open to catch and release, artificial lures or flies with barbless hooks only. Flows are good and the river was running clear last week. For fly anglers, nymping has been most productive. While small spinners or mice tails have been productive for spin casters. On December 1st, the area from Hangman's Bridge downstream is scheduled to open up to fishing. For more information stop by the Carson River Resort.

CARSON RIVER EAST FORK NEVADA SIDE: The flows are good and have been fluctuating. Fishing has been slow to fair. Salmon eggs or small spinners have been productive.

TOPAZ LAKE: The lake level has come up a few feet in the last couple weeks. Fishing has been fair for shore anglers using Powerbait or inflated nightcrawlers. The Douglas County boat ramp is open for those that want to do some trolling. Flashers and a nightcrawler have been productive. Toplinning Rapalas or spinners has been fair to good. If you use a spinner, IE Panther Martin or Roostertail. I recommend using a ball bearing swivel a few feet up your line to resist line twist. The Topaz Lodge Derby will not be held this year.

WALKER RIVER WEST FORK CALIFORNIA SIDE:  Open to catch and release fishing with artificial lures or flies only with barbless hooks. Use caution this time of year with the flows that are constantly fluctuating.

WALKER RIVERS NEVADA SIDE: Open all year to open fishing with lures or bait.

BRIDGEPORT RESERVOIR, JUNE LAKE LOOP, TWIN LAKES: Closed to fishing for the season.

HEENAN LAKE: Open to fishing until November 30th. Catch and release, artificial lures or flies only with barbless hooks. Road conditions may change this time of year.

Good luck on your next fishing expedition. Make sure to tell someone where you are going and when you are expected back. Bring plenty of water and make sure your gas tank is full before you leave. One other suggestion, clean off your headlights before you leave and be prepared for very cold temperatures. Some anglers that are not familiar with the climate in the sierras can be caught off guard. If you get a picture of your catch, send it to [email protected] Hope to see you on the waters. Good fishin' and tight lines.

Good luck on your next fishing adventure. If you have a question. a report in our local fishing area or have a photo of your catch, send it to [email protected]. Hope to see you on the waters. Good fishin' and tight lines.