The Nevada side of the Truckee River is the best option right now

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

Mild November weather on the Truckee River.

Cold nights, mild afternoons. No rain and snow in sight, at least for now. Maybe mid month? Hopefully, because we need it. The rivers clear and low and cold. She came up there for a bit, but with the lack of rain all month, she’s back down. Tough fishing for the most part on the CA side.

The Nevada side of the Truckee River is the best option right now. Out East past Reno, there’s more, water, water temps are warmer, and the rivers not as clear, like in CA. It’s actually been pretty good down there. Streamers and nymphing. Lots of good water in the Nature Conservancy and not much pressure. Of course you do need to know where to go. Lots of long, fish-less stretches down there. Great fishing when you do find the spots.

We still have a lot of winter left. Moderate La Niña’s for us, historically, are backloaded Winters.

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