Lockwood is an excellent place to fish the east Truckee Rive

Truckee River

by Nevada Department of Wildlife

Flows are back up to 200 cfs after bouncing all over the place during the heavy rains. If flows hang on fishing should be very good this winter east of town. Lockwood is an excellent place to fish the east Truckee River if you’ve never done it. Fly fisherman can look forward to some blue winged olive mayflies as the winter progresses. Small dark nymphs and worm patterns under indicators or tight lined in the deeper runs can make for an awful fun winter afternoon. Spin fishing has been productive using small plugs and spoons during the warmest part of the day. Fish will likely be concentrated, when you find one there’s likely more nearby. Bait fishing has been best at Crystal Peak, Mayberry, and Fisherman’s park for summer holdovers. 

More Reports

Nevada Department of Wildlife Reports
for Friday, December 3rd, 2021
Angel Lake: The road to Angel Lake is closed for the winter
Wild Horse Reservoir: There is ice in the coves, but still plenty of open water for fishing
Lamoille Creek: As of December 3, Lamoille Creek is at 6.5 cfs
Comins Lake: Comins Lake is about 60% ice covered
Cold Creek Reservoir: NDOW will begin rebuilding the fishery in 2022
Wilson Reservoir: Ice along some of the shoreline with ice building
Kingston Creek: Stream flows are down slightly
Cleve Creek: Cleve Creek is flowing at 4.3 cfs
South Fork Reservoir: Morning skim ice along the shores, but wide open during the day
Steptoe Creek: Steptoe Creek is flowing at 2.0 cfs
Illipah Reservoir: There should still be some open water this weekend for shore fishing
Jakes Creek Reservoir (Boies Reservoir): Expect the lake to freeze completely early next week with unsafe ice
Cave Lake: The water levels continue to drop at Cave Lake in an anticipation of renovation efforts on the dam in 2022
Ruby Lake NWR: Trout fishing has been fair to good in the collection ditch though ice is forming
Bruneau River: The Bruneau River is flowing at 14.6 cfs
Topaz Lake: Topaz has been good for trout from shore
James Kinney Pond: James Kinney Pond Report
Mountain View Park Pond: Mountain View pond have also received rainbow trout in the last few weeks
Wall Canyon Reservoir: Fishing has been excellent this fall for both bass and trout
Lake Tahoe: Good time of year to find larger rainbows and browns near the surface
Marilyn's Pond: Marilyn’s pond is fishing well
Chimney Dam Reservoir: Chinmeny Reservoir Report
Bilk Creek Reservoir: Bilk Creek Reservoir Report
East Walker River (NV): Low flows are making for tough fishing recently on the East Walker
Baily Fishing Pond: Fished Well Throughout the Fall