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Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

Reillie Daniels brought in the new year with PFC guide Cole Hildahl in fashion. *note the cowboy boots
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Pyramid Fly Co.

by Pyramid Fly Co.

As the big storms ravaged,the water temperatures have continued to plummet steadily and the monster cutthroat trout are frequenting the shallows and feeding more often. This last week we have seen a big change with all the cloud cover and cooler weather. The large Pilot Peak cutthroat are hungry and full of energy! We have seen some really large fish and some intense battles.

This year the fish seem to have quite a bit more pep to them and boy are they displaying their dominance. Thursday, we had one fish dip into backing and right back at us only to quickly turn directions once again with a large swirl at the surface breaking the line. You can't win every time and it's those fish that make the chase so addicting.

This month is really shaping up to be quite the epic January With the drastic dip in water temperature and storms we are looking at an awesome shore bite. This month the large Pilots will start to push into the shallows and lurk the ledges in bigger groups as the continue to fatten up for spring and pre-spawn. The monsters of the lake stage a bit earlier than the smaller more colorful summit strain. The lake has two sub species of Lohanton cutthroat and the brutes of the lake are getting ready to come party.

I have had my best days for catching multiple very large pilots this month and I can't be giddier. Like a little kid waiting to ride his new bike. Except my new bike is a powerful wizard staff from the boys at G-Loomis. The NRX+ 6 and 7 weight 11' switch rods are the best tool for the arsenal when it comes to chasing these big trout in the large inland sea. Bomb loops out to the ledge on the gnarly surfs up days, feel the head movement as the ginormous trout anticipates turning around to rip back out to the depths. Don't come out to the lake under gunned this time of year as you will quickly get your ass handed to you. The heavier stick and the stronger tippet is the name of the game until spring as they slide into spawn and loose a bit of their ooomph. But we are nowhere near there yet, it's time for pissed off and as thick as can be cutthroat right now!

The bait fish of the lake remain king for the majority of the day. Tui chub patterns hung under the indicator have been more consistent in the mornings and evening, while midges have been seeing a bit more action in the afternoon as it warms a bit. Before you know it midges will be the more consistent fly so be prepared for the switch. The calmer and warmer afternoons the midge bite has been quite good. A variety of colors have been working so keep that bag of skittles ready. Balanced leeches in darker colors on the dark days have worked quite well. As well as in the cloudy or muddy water. White can also be a great dark weather day or cloudy water fly. Keep things switching up until you unlock that key.

More flies coming off the vise https://www.pyramidflyco.com/shop/brown-balanced-leach

Now that the Holidays are past us the crowds will dwindle a bit as everyone gets settled back in school and work. It's a great time of the season to escape the chaos and come chase the world's largest cutthroat trout. The monsters of the lake are cruising the shelves looking for food to fatten up and stage for pre spawn. It's a great time of year to come out to Pyramid and trophy hunt for the leviathan trout. Trout over 20 pounds are caught at the lake damn near weekly. And ten-pound fish are seen daily as this lake is arguably some of the best trout fishing in the world.

Where else can you say 22-26" cutthroat trout are average? A quick thirty minutes outside of Reno gets you to the shores of Pyramid lake, where the world's largest cutthroat trout roam the shores and can give all us anglers a shot at the next world record trout. With the recent weather and low-pressure systems in the forecast it looks as if there is no better time than now. Get off the couch, It's game time!

Cheers to a happy, healthy and fishy 2022

Morgan and the PFC Team

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