Surface temps have dropped considerably with these past storms

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

Lindsey with a good one from a balanced leech

by Reno Fly Shop

Surface temps have dropped considerably with these past storms. For the most part the LCT are feeding depending on wind conditions. We have been making a day by day call on where and how to fish depending on conditions. On days that are stormy, all bets are off and both retrieving flies and indicators should work well. It seems that retrieving flies yields better returns on these days though. 

Calm days with cloud cover most often we will fish under an indicator. This technique keeps your flies in the strike zone longer, but retrieving flies can be effective in the morning and evening and if the wind picks up. Warmer nicer days are indicator days. Fish will push into deeper water, not necessary further from shore but deeper. 

Balanced leeches have been most effective for the indicator bite, but I would not rule out a midge, as many fish are still looking for these smaller but plentiful food sources. 

Woolly buggers have been the preferred retrieving fly, and because I’m focused on the technique on darker days my flies are darker too. Beetles and boobies have worked too, but not as much as a good ol’ bugger.

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