Pyramid Lake Report Early January 2022 - Give them Pigs the Onion

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

Pig in a Basket

by Bearfish Alliance Staff

A lot of precipitation graced our area in the last weeks of 2021, and that is a great thing! Steady inflow from the Truckee, cold temps, and steady churning of the lake is what we like to see. The pace at which fish are caught this year is definitely marathon worthy, however the quality hogs keep showing up. As a matter of fact had a session yesterday in the afternoon and netted 2-12# and several 8-10# range piggies, some on Indo, a few on the strip. All I can see is when you hook up with one of these hogs make sure you give them bastards the onion! What does that mean? It means put the wrench to em, don’t take their attitude as they are the angriest I have probably ever seen them. Hard fights, gator rolls, and torpedo shots (One even torpedoed me right in the thigh as we were slugging it out, and Ill tell ya that a 12# Pilot at full charge does leave a bruise). All the standard stuff is working, and fish are in our favorite target zone of the 9ft range. If you are looking to book a guided experience be sure to reach out to Pyramid Fly Co at 970.231.9609  for a ½, ¾, or full day trip….use the code word Bearfish when you book! You can book on line too by going to and it will bring you to the PFC booking page. Get out there and give ‘em the onion!

Contact BearFish Alliance at (775) 622-2970 or email [email protected]

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