Pyramid Lake Report Late November 2021- Sooie! Call in them Pigs!

Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County)

Prodigal Catch at Pyramid Lake
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Bearfish Alliance

by Bearfish Alliance Staff

That’s what you gotta do these days at the ‘Mid….the pigs are hard to find, but when you do come across them it is worth it. Definitely a lot of good quality fish roaming the waters, but it will require a significant amount of diligence and patience to get one to the net. This isn’t completely abnormal for this time of year, and we should see some improved fishing numbers very soon. 

Ledges, drop-offs, shoal edges and working the end of points with sheer drops are all good places to hunt for the cruising pigs. We would suggest stripping early and late when the sun is behind the mountains, otherwise hang a leech in your favorite dark color pattern under an indi (AKA Bobber) and maybe throw a midge above that just in case they decide to get weird. Remember: Big fish need to eat a lot, so meaty snacks are in order. Tui and Cui-Ui patterns are great to strip, and don’t be afraid to pair them up with a beetle or boobie…pigs love these. 

If you are thinking about making a trip out to Pyramid and want to get dialed in, make sure you reach out to our partners at Pyramid Fly Co at 970.231.9609 and tell ‘em Bearfish sent ya! We also have a few Pyramid specific switch rod setups left too, so if you are looking to up your game in that arena let us know and we will get you dialed in.

Contact BearFish Alliance at (775) 622-2970 or email [email protected]

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